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Skin Magical

Sonoyoni Rejuvenating Set (NEW)

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Sonoyoni Rejuvenating Set (NEW).

Skin Magical Sonoyoni Rejuvenating Set!

Your skin shouldn't rely on filters to look great. Get that filter-free skin with the power of Sonoyoni Rejuvenating Set. It's made up of naturally derived ingredients that gives you the glow you deserve! ✨

The cleansing bar - this alone is packed with the finest ingredients & Japanese-Thai delivery system that will facilitate peeling that's necessary for scars, marks and blemishes.

With the millions of these sold, WE HAVE ZERO CASES OF ALLERGIES & IRRITATIONS! 🤞🏻🙏🏼

The toner - inspired by Skin Magical's scientific, time-tested formulas, this will work to promote faster skin turnover, safely.

The creams - the exfoliating cream will assist to further catalyze the process of skin renewal while providing high needed nutrients & antioxidants. The SPF cream will protect from UV and hydrate the new skin all at once.

So what's not to love? 😊