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Ryx Sincerity Tokyo Luxe Micro Essence Lotion 100ml

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Ryx Sincerity Tokyo Luxe Micro Essence Lotion 100ml.

Texture: lightweight-essence, water-based breathable formula

A little goes a loooong way, It’ll spread easily onto skin and absorbed quickly without feeling greasy. 🎌

✔️ Safe for kids, preggy & lactating moms ✨

✔️ 100% MADE IN JAPAN 🎌

✔️ ISO certified. FDA notified. GMP! ‼️

Feed your skin ONLY with skin loving ingredients 🥛

✔️ Provides dense moisture and nourishment preventing skin from drying out

✔️ Helps repair damaged and inflamed skin

✔️ Intense skin soothing, brightening & lightening

✔️ Mild & gentle which makes it safe for kids, preggy & lactating moms!

✔️ Formulated for EXTRA sensitive skin

✔️ Texture: lightweight-essence

✔️ Can be used in both FACE & BODY after every shower

✔️ Made in Japan 🇯🇵

✔️ FDA Notified & ISO Certified 🔥