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Ryx Glow Bomb Kit (previously known as Clear Bomb)

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Ryx Glow Bomb Kit (previously known as Clear Bomb).

Wheeee, it’s back! 😮‍💨🤍 — the FIRST, ever formula of Clear Bomb, is here now

called “Glow Bomb Daily Care Kit.

New name. Improved Packaging. Same old formula. ✨

Like the old version of CB, this set has pros and cons. If used correctly, of

course, the pros outweigh the cons.

I recommend using the toner 1x a day, esp if you have sensitive skin.

What to expect during the first week?

➡️ Skin firms and tightens

➡️ Darken/reddish face

➡️ Dry and flaky

➡️ Itchy & stingy

➡️ Peeling (Micro or Macro)

Stop using this set after you're done rejuvenating or after your acne breakout

has passed gone.

That's when you switch to a mild & hydrating routine to restore skin moisture.

I believe this is more suitable for acne-prone skin. If your skin is not, then

you better use Starter Kit or Pore Care (the new maintenance set)


Above all, avoid overuse of this product - if your skin is done exfoliating,

stop using it and switch to a milder set.