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RYX BeYouthiful Power Kit

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RYX BeYouthiful Power Kit.

- A set that helps you achieve a natural youth-enhancing by rejuvenating and

exfoliating your skin.- This is milder than Ryx Glow Bomb Set and stronger than your Hydra Glow Set.

• Safe for preggy and lactating moms• 13+• YES. May peeling and konting sting effect padin (pero definitely worth it)• No HYDROQUINONE!!! Bonggang ingredients ang ginamit dito para sa peeling

effect 💯• No Harmful Chemicals!!!• No Mercury!!!• CLINICALLY TESTED INGREDIENTS!• FDA COMPLIANT!

✨ BeYouthiful Power Kit: Reveal a healthier and more radiant skin as you

exfoliate. The kit will help reduce the appearance of skin dullness,

pigmentation, and fine lines usually found in dry, unhealthy lifestyle and