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Rosmar UWU 3 in 1 Serum 1oz. [2 Bottles]

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Rosmar UWU 3 in 1 Serum 1oz. [2 Bottles].

ROSMAR UWU SERUM 3in1 SERUM (AHA-BHA-PHA) for brightening, smoothing, and glass

skin effect with SPF 60.


✅pregnant women

✅lactating moms

It can remove dark circles around the eyes, dark spots, and cracked and dark


It lightens pimple scars and dark areas all over your body, like armpits,

elbows, knees, nape, and groin.

You may also mix it with any Rosmar Products like lotion and creams to boost


The bundle listing item includes 2 Rosmar UWU serums 1oz.