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Rosmar Kojicku Extreme Exfoliating Soap 70g (2bars)

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Rosmar Kojicku Extreme Exfoliating Soap 70g (2bars).


KOJIC ACID that lightens skin with ALL NATURAL ingredients.


We're talking about kojic acid, a naturally-derived ingredient. It comes from

mushrooms (more on that in a minute) and is excellent at fading

hyperpigmentation and discoloration aka dark spots. It works well both on its

own and when paired with other lightening ingredients, not to mention also acts

as an antioxidant.☺️❤️

- with micro-peeling effect- with scrubbing bits that exfoliate skin

Apricot scrub good for the skin? Face scrubs formulated with apricot kernels

promote new skin growth by ridding the skin of the old, dead skin cells. Because

it rids the skin of the damaged surface cells, this exfoliating action can help

reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Includes (2) bar soaps