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Perfect Formula

Perfect Formula Kayakukayamu Cool Hydrator

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Perfect Formula Kayakukayamu Cool Hydrator.

Our KayakuKayamu™️ Cool Hydrator is made with a combination of different

moisturizing factors that effectively give long-term protection for sensitive

and dry skin. 😍

✔️ Maintains skin hydration

✔️ Strengthens skin barrier

✔️ Moisturizing and anti-aging effect

✔️ Maintains smooth, soft, and supple skin

It can be used for the face and body and is suitable for all skin types. 🥰

Target concerns:

✨ Oily Skin

✨ Fine lines

✨ Acne

Suitable for:

✨ Teens

✨ All skin types

✨ Dry skin

- Antioxidant

- Smoothens skin

- Helps boost skin hydration

- Helps reduce appearance of wrinkles

Our KayakuKayamu™️ Cool Hydrator helps refresh dry, damaged, broken, sensitive,

and irritated skin. 😍