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Luxe Skin Poreless Hydrogel Leave on Mask

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Luxe Skin Poreless Hydrogel Leave on Mask.

Introducing Luxe Skin Hydrogel Leave on Mask✨

- infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E

- adds beauty to your sleep with Luxe Skin Poreless Hydrogel Leave on Mask!

- This overnight mask, infused with ultra-moisturizing ingredients hyaluronic

acid, aloe vera leaf extract, vitamin e and avocado extract, promotes cell

repair through the skin’s layers.

- Hyaluronic acid attracts and locks hydration keeping skin plump, while vitamin

e fights off free radicals from sun damage.

- Hydrogel texture leaving skin soft without the greasy feel, layer on at night

and wake up to clear, plump and poreless skin!