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Keopi Magical Soap and Scrub Combo

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Keopi Magical Soap and Scrub Combo.

Pamper your skin daily with KEOPI Magical 10-in-1 Coffee Bleaching Scrub and Coffee Soap. It is made with all-natural extracts and coffee grounds that work as body scrub to exfoliate your skin! 🧼


Ideal for all skin types, these two products work together to:

✔️Prevents Aging

✔️as an Antioxidant

✔️Cellulites reduction

✔️Reduces acne

✔️Reduces dark circles

✔️Protects from sunburn

✔️Removes dead skin cells


✔️Tightens skin

✔️Increases circulation

No matter what your skin type or concern, Keopi Magical Scrub and Secret Soap by Love Yourself Gorgeous have the perfect solution!