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Her Skin

Her Skin Secret Glow by kath Melendez

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Her Skin Secret Glow by kath Melendez


Made for healthier and glowing skin giving you the glow that your skin deserves!

The Her Skin Secret Glow 4 in 1 Skincare set is here to reveal your hidden glow!

Glow with no redness, stingy feeling, and NO PEELING!

✔️ Safe for teens, pregnant and lactating mommies (always check with you OB

first 🤍) no peeling at all. Alcohol free, paraben free and cruelty free 💯

It includes 4 products:

• Foaming Facial Wash (60mL)

• Essence Toner (60mL)

• Tone Up Cream w/ SPF30 (15g)

• Water Gel Hydrator (20mL)