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Cake Pie 2 in 1 Feminine Wash and Spray Intimate Kit by PSPH

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CAKE PIE 2in1 Intimacy Kit (150ml) 🌸

PH-balanced feminine wash + an edible Foreplay Spray

Feminine Wash - with cooling effect - it protects and with PH Balance - it also will lighten your "inbetween" because of NIÄCIN-AMIDË

Edible Spray ✨ This palatable spray will make you the seductress that your man can't help it. ✨ ✨“It's the ideal method for helping him to remember what he can't have while he is enjoying what he needs.”✨ ✨you’ll make him want you!✨

You may also use it as a Body Mist with shiny effect and non-sticky.  Scents Available: blackforest, watermelon, cotton candy and the best of all the Icy Bear.