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Brilliant Skin Vitamin E Cream

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Brilliant Skin Vitamin E Cream.

Vitamin E has just gotten better! 💕✨

It’s not just your regular Vitamin E Cream. It’s a #Brilliant Vitamin E Cream! 👏

✨with snail secretion filtrate, lavender and sunflower oils

✔️ Mositurizing and Firming Cream

✔️ For face and body

✔️ Safe for all skin types

Achieve the best skin of your life using our Vitamin E Moisturizing and Firming Cream! ✨🤍

Our Vitamin E is made with a combination of different moisturizing agents that effectively give long term protection for sensitive and dry skin. 😍

It can be used for face, body, and also suitable for all skin types. 👍

Just apply it liberally on desired area after bath or shower and massage gently for best result!