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Perfect Formula

Perfect Formula Extra Strength Filter Free Exfoliating Set

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Perfect Formula Extra Strength Filter Free Exfoliating Set.

🌸Perfect Formula Extra Strength

Filter-Free Exfoliating Set🌸

✅Brightens your overall complexion

✅Soothes sensitive skin

✅Minimizes pore appearance

✅Faster Peeling effect

✅Great for oily & acne prone skin

With active ingredients that make your skin glow. 🥰

PERFECT Formula Extra Strength Rejuvenating Set Look Radiant No Matter The

Season Is.

✅Enjoy the perfectly glowing skin you deserve.

✅Use Perfect Formula Extra Strength Rejuvenating Set to achieve the PERFECT SKIN

you dreamed of.

👉 rejuvenating means skin peeling - you'll feel sting‼️

👉 can get rid of pimples and blemishes, fine lines, warts, melasma, oily skin

at big pores




•With active ingredients that help the appearance of skin blemishes such as

pimple scars and dark spots

•Helps to maintain skin elasticity and firmness

•Instantly gives glass-glowy skin effect

even after first use

•Amazing results in just 7 days

•Regenerates and restore your youthful glow

•Recommended for severe acne cases

•Faster effect with peeling

•Not suitable for teens, pregnant, and lactating moms

- Not recommended as maintenance

- Usage may not exceed 60 days of use


1. Filter-Free Exfoliating Facial Soap - Helps brighten skin, reduces the

appearance of blemishes and helps sweep away dead skin cell.

2. Extra Strength Filter-Free Exfoliating Facial Toner - Has anti-oxidant,

reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation and improves skin elasticity.

3. Filter-Free Exfoliating Facial Cream - Helps reduce signs of skin aging,

prevents whiteheads and blackheads build up, controls acne, pimples, unclog

pores and lighten skin.

4. Filter-Free Exfoliating Sun Shield Gel-Cream - Maintain smooth skin and evens

out skin tone, moisturizes skin, provide UVA+UVB protection with broad spectrum

and active whitening complex.

Perfect Formula and Brilliant Skin Essentials Are Sister Company.