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Manuka Cream By Bella Amore

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Manuka Cream By Bella Amore.

MANUKA CREAM (60ml) used as moisturizer it soften the skin by forming an

occlusive oil film on the stratum corneum, thus decreasing the trans epidermal

water loss

✅ Helps Lessen redness of our skin✅ Helps Prevent dry, rough, flaky and itchy skin✅ Helps Soothe the irritated area✅ Helps as Scar eraser✅ Can be use as a Universal Cream

Application Pro Tips:

- It’s best to apply moisturizer to damp skin, as this helps to lock in

moisture.- Don’t press hard or rub.- Gel or water-based moisturizers should be applied in circular motions until

they are completely absorbed.

- If you have sensitive skin it is best paired with Bella Amore Skin Himalayan


Dermatologist Recommended for babies and all skin types.