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2 Bars Ryx Sincerity Tokyo Luxe Bath Soap 70g

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2 Bars Ryx Sincerity Tokyo Luxe Bath Soap 70g.

Throughout my life, I have had an on-off relationship with Eczema. It mostly

affects the area behind my knees and on my arms.

After trying so many soaps, I have found a brand to keep my eczema away.

The LUXURY that you can afford!💖✹

Introducing the newest skin gem, RyxSkin Tokyo Luxe Bathe, a beauty milky bar

that brings out the best in your skin infused with Azelaic Acid, CoEnzyme Q10,

Vitamin C & E, and more! 😌

With 100% Pure GLYCERIN.

Unlike many OTC soaps, pure glycerin soap is all-natural. Vegan friendly and a

GREAT OPTION for people with sensitive skin.

It’s a humectant which draws moisture to skin.Glycerin can help lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prevent over-drying.

Beneficial for acne prone skin, dry skin & eczema 💩

Glycerin soap are non-comedogenic meaning hindi nakaka clog ng pores. INTENSE

moisturizing. It’ll make your skin super soft, smooth, supple & HEALTHY! đŸ€đŸ€đŸ€

✅ Cleansing✅ Mild & Gentle✅ Safe even on sensitive skin!✅ All naturals✅ infused with acne-fighting ingredients✅ intense moisturizing✅ best dark spot corrector!✅ with crystal sugars - it’ll gently exfoliate your skin!✅ lightening & brightening!