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2 Bars GlutaBerry Bleaching Soap By Bella Amore Skin | SULIT PACK 50g

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2 Bars GlutaBerry Bleaching Soap By Bella Amore Skin | SULIT PACK 50g.

Glutaberry 3-in-1 Bleaching Soap has special ingredients that have fast and

effective bleaching action. It helps to lighten skin pigmentation, scars and

other skin blemishes.

☀️Use of sunblock is advised if frequent exposure to sunlight is expected.

Bella Amore Glutaberry Bleaching Soap 50gx100 Intensive White✨

Benefits:✅ Lightens skin✅ Helps remove scars✅ Helps treat acne✅ Treat Keratosis Pilaris (Chicken Skin)✅ Brightening effect to lighten scars✅Remove dead skin cells and firm Skin

Important Note: Always do the patch test before using the product 😊👌

Infused with Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, AHA Serum, Castor Oil,

Strawberry Extract, Milk Protein, Papaya Extract, L-Glutathione, Collagen Beta

Arbutin and Activated Charchoal

Dermatologist Recommended:✔️For all skin types✔️FDA Compliant✔️Cruelty/Paraben/Hydroquinone Free✔️Proven and Tested✔️Pregnant/Lactating Mom✔️13 y.o in aboveUse Bella Amore Himalayan Soap for people with eczema or psoriasis